Ten Days in the Madhouse

Ten Days in the Madhouse

Denise Ho’s new 2008 release!  It was actually reconmended to me, I actually never heard of her but this album is pretty good <(^-^)>

Download: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=J7L36S3E


I went to sleep at three in the morning again -____- fun stuff!  Woke up at 10 and got started on my project for Psychology…I spent SIX HOURS on that thing!  Party because I kept getting sidetracked but hey, it’s not entirely my fault!!  I hope >__< I keep hoping for new episodes/chapters of ANYTHING to come out!  But tomorrow there is school and I have two tests and I only studied for one of them for only two hours…  Wow, I never actually thought that one day I would actually study for that long, let alone say that it was only two hours.  At least tomorrow night there’s going to be a new episode of 我的億萬麵包!  Ahahahahaha I can’t wait until the tests are over tomorrow, although I still do wish that tomorrow would never come… That way I don’t have to wake up early before the sun is even out -_____-

Hello world!

So, after many long hours of deliberation (about a minute after Bitty told me that he decided to get one) I finally decided to get a blog on WordPress.  Hmmmm I’ve used them before, though mostly to find an ddownload music.  Hopefully I can get intot he habit of blogging.  Making this blog look nice will be a pain though… Oh wells I guess I’ll try…